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Hello, my name is Karim Soudbakhsh. I have researched How chemistry could potentially hold the key to better lifestyle, health and increase the human life span by using Nat- herbs, supplement as medicine). I am Always searching for ways to “kill off” or rejuvenate senescent cells or “old” cells, (we have over 100 Trillion cells and somewhere around 500 billion chemical reaction happening every second in our body).IN my researched as well as in my products; I manipulate herbs and spices, so they are beneficial, calculable, and can be compared with more recently discovered chemicals such as:

Hydroxychloroquine, Remdesivir and Dexamethasone.

Hydroxychloroquine is an old chemical approved by the FDA in 1955, and has been used to treat: Rheumatoid arthritis, Lupus and Malaria. Being the tenacious Chemical it is its application can be most beneficial for these specific genetic illnesses. However, some of its beneficial are acquired and developed into new chemical compounds; as well as improved safety (this chemical can be found in different fruits and foods).

Remdesivir resemble Amino acid infusion used to treat renal Failure. Remdesivir Provide a substrate for protein synthesis or enhance conservation existing Body protein including post infection treatment (Researched for Ebola virus in 2013).

Dexamethasone is potent anti- inflammatory drugs. Furthermore, it plays a role in regulating the immune system, mainly by stabilizing leukocyte lysosomal membranes; suppress the immune response, Appetit, and sodium balance in the cells. Additionally, it plays dozens of roles in body having to do with metabolism and Inflammations, Cortisone and hydrocortisone are natural version of these drugs.

When observing Remdesivir and Dexamethasone brands, it can be seeing that they borrow chemicals and other substitutions that are naturally found in Hydroxychloroquine sulfate or phosphate. Following the idea from bloom and Bennet (hypersensitivity immune reaction) in 1966 for development and discovery these new chemicals with higher quality, more efficiency, safer with Less side effects, and has positive inhibitory effects. To summarize, all compounds studied to date have proven that remdesivir and Dexamethasone could be used to disrupt or suppress the virus’s ability to replicate. Additionally, they inhibit the accumulation of macrophage from the suppression of an advanced phase of inflammation (post -infection Treatment).

To my knowledge there are no chemical compound as detrimental to a virus without causing any pain and inflammation.

The body above has been written to ask an important question?

How do my products compare to?

Remdesivir or monoclonal, Dexamethasone and hydroxychloroquine

V.My products: Eva101-A, Eva101-B, Eva101-C, Eva101-D, Eva101-E;

Eva 101-A


Eva101-A: Is designed as Liquid disinfectant (O3).

Partial of this compound is acting as perfume or tincture of perfume. and mediated with other Nat- chemicals (from herbs and species) For ozonating solutions as active ingredients , prepared as Wet Spray, Wet Inhalation. (prolonged inhalation of O3 as gas damage the respiratory system).

Eva101-A: Remove contamination; Bactria, Parasites and Viruses, Purifies air, cleaned oxygen, feel like you have ever taken a walk after Thunderstorm and experienced the clean, fresh smell in the air, that is O3 at work. So, nature creates O3 as natural air cleaner in number of ways by willing of GOD.O3 sanitized by breaking down odor, microorganisms and other pollutants at their source and leave your space smelling fresh and clean.

Eva101-A: Is a natural ozonating air and has similar benefits to ozonating water but with different processing and chemicals. Researchers have found that Bactria in the blood of healthy people May help trigger different attacks and contribute to various disease. All these disorders involve inflammation and the activation of immune system that fight infection can get out of control and cause damage. Linked to overacting blood clotting, excessive level of iron in blood and Sheet of abnormally folded proteins.

O3 has various effecting into immune systems, such as stimulating and modulating the phagocytic activity of peritoneal and alveolar macrophages. O3 increase the activity of antioxidant enzymes, including g glutathione Peroxidate, super oxide dismutase (SOD) and catalase, thus preparing the host to face physio pathological condition mediated by reactive oxygen species (ROS). Thus, result suggest that ozonated water has anti Flammatory properties and potential therapeutic option for inflammation.

Eva101-A: Is wet spray, wet inhalation (O3), oxygen cleaner has many Benefits as following items.

Eva101-A; AS ozonating air (oxygen cleaner), cleans pollutants, purifies air from bacteria and killed viruses. My compound, My Eva101 -A reduce the size of viruses and it is eaten by other pair chemicals until no longer exists. Also, it has a chemical which it has very similar property to placebo and remdesiver in the air. Cleaned oxygen, delight the Feeling and prove relaxing, relieve tension, Enrich and energize blood circulation, our wet inhalation: reduce inflammation and improve any healthy tissues and work with more efficiency. Our wet inhalation helps to fight against hypertension (moderate) and Stimulate the immune system, our oxygen cleaner relieves spasm in digestive and respiratory systems, lower fever, digestive and bronchial complaints, shortness of Breath, asthma, nausea, nerve and more. And, you can use it as natural medicine for lung problem.

Eva101-A: Is also used as Nat-medicine for repairing, maintenance and maintain the respiratory system “Lung” into healthy system by using breathing the steam of our wet inhalation(but not for so long a day)and or having a mixing of “7-10” drops of our wet inhalation solutions inside 8(OZ) herbs tea, specific for lung or having in a glass of wine, 2-3 times in a week. (need following the instructions and precaution).

Eva101-A: Is also can be used as cosmetic, moisturizing your face to Customize rejuvenation, shrink and recapturing a more youthful glow, youthful appearance, our wet spray maximize stimulation, circulation and protects the skin’s face from inflammatory ailment and restoring the Healthy tissue, muscles, nerve fibers and blood vessels which they are responsible for losing the skin elasticity, muscle tone and resulting in dropping and sagging skin and muscles, used for men and women. (good tips).


Please do not open the cap of bottle; Because, Nat- gas that "made from fruit" for deteriorating rapidly the Explosion on solution in the air, it will be released quickly out of bottle. So, the amount of solution which you need for moisturizing your face or using for lung problems get from nozzle.


as well it is known as liquid disinfectant, ozonating, it can be used different ways; as wet spray in the air, , adding to boiling water, Or also can be used by “L’OZONATEUR”, this little apparatus is an automatic disinfector for using in rooms at house, in sick room, schools, hotels, office, Restaurants. (closed area).

PRECAUTION: It should not be used under the sun. It should be avoided by children and nursing women or any from drinking.


Is an oxygen ozonatine as incense cones; purifying and preparation consisting of qualification for air.

Eva101-C (Lung's LgG)

 THE reactions of this powerful compound causing to removes aqueous humor from lungs, liver and blood. Remove gunk, clear phlegm in lung(for smokers) , clearing out congestion, increase expansion and lung's capacity. Treat bronchitis and pneumonia. Decrease tonsil and bladder infection. Soothes irritation bronchial and relieve itching. Preventing high blood pressure and cholesterol. Increasing the body metabolism ,aging and loosing weight.  Lung's LgG (Eva101-C) is an excellent antiseptic and also reduce lipid peroxidation( cause protein and DNA damage) and delaying the age. Support immune system including tonsils and lymph, Improve surfactant ,lipogenesis protein palmitoylation, stimulating and uplifting. I consider it to be known as blood builder, detoxification, Purifier and elevates oxygen level improving tissue firmness, This product was created to have more Marked benefits such as more anti-, including anti-parasite, anti-inflammatory, anti - virus infection, Anti-rheumatic, anti-asthmatic and anti-respiratory infections. Eva101-c ( lung's LgG)  is made  from around (15) herbs oil  and has chlorophyll,  " all natural chemicals" which it is most comparable with chloroquine, having many of the same properties.


For high effective remedy, better you make a hot cup of tea by your hands from fresh herbs” based on rosemary, thyme and more

Parsley In ratio” AND then

Shake well LgG(Eva101-C) and  ADD (25-30) drops from that to your hot cups of tea, Or add it to any specific Lung’s tea for example

With “Hyssop, pleurisy...” teas. Also, it is works with, has effect able reaction with Liver’s tea too, for example with dandelions tea or

any others. Enjoy and please comment your feeling in web side.

Eva101-A and Eva101-C: Also elevate the oxygen, improve and Energize the Electrolyte of cells and the function of Erythrocyte (red blood cells, immune cells) that carries oxygen to all parts of our body.

Our cells are miniature batteries. Batteries are cells and cells are Batteries.

A whole-body battery recharger being a concept of earth’s PEMFs or pulse-electromagnetic field. By its two poles and with “Na, K, natural compounds, Alkaline Electrolytes and other compounds create Electroporation or Electro permeabilization which electrical field is applied to cells in order to increase the permeability of cells membrane and allowing our products (Eva101-C and Eva101-A) to be introduced in cells, Called Electro Transfer.

PEMF recharger the Trans-Membrane potential (TMP) in human cells, using Electricity or Magnetism which sometimes called the Lorentz force,

Plays a major role in determining the internal reaction of most organs encountered in Engine, governs all chemical processes of human body and  to make the cells more porous, this will allow us Our Nat- medicine (Ion transport) go into the cells more effectively and waste Products or free radicals (Co2 H2 O2) Go out. By changing “O2 to O3” in blood stream which it is caused from magnetic field generator and Electrolyte in the body.  Charging up the cells, proven the essential element of health, just like food, water, air and oxygen including to have following Beneficial’s.

Better Oxygenation and circulation.

Improve healing and regeneration.

Enhances sodium potassium pump,

Improve secretion,

Increases the cells storage energy, vitality and lower blood viscosity, reduce stress, Regenerate nerve and tissue, eliminate pain and inflammation, keeping bone strong, and improve your immune system and do it more.

Exactly like nature created thunderstorm which the Lightning (electrostatic

Discharge), travels and with Environmentalism and Nat- chemical THAT Caused  

“O2 change to O3”. As nature air cleaner. As advantage for maximum effectible

We should eliminate all those factors that they are caused to separate us from the Earth’s Natural Magnetic Field for getting enough ENMF. (e.g. walking without shoes at home, walking a couple hours a day without shoes, standing more than sitting, keep the steel away from you and searching more for that.

Also, for gaining the maximum efficiency you can use PEMF Therapy Devices during you are using Eva101-A and Eva101-C  and they have good connecting to one another. BUT Under your doctor care for choosing the right and standard parameters of devices for you (need to discuss with your doctor for that). 


“the thermodynamic of my past”

This product has been designed a combination around “18” Nat chemicals and herbs which all pair together to form good reactions and Perform the following, eliminating toxic cells from growing to start the Rejuvenation process. To excite the pituitary gland (master gland) in the brain and improve secretion, particularly the macrophage cells (white blood cell). This defends and kills microorganisms and removes Dead cells (locating microscopic anti-bodies and eating them).

Additionally, Eva101-D stimulates the action of other immune system Cells, to fight infection, including Langerhans as they specialize in Antigen presentation and belong to the skin immune system (SIS). This product also promotes increases function in the blood, heart, arthritics, pancreas, kidney and furthermore, it increases function in The bodies physiology, including healthy skin, muscles, and sex in the male organism, It augments the sperm and dampens the desire for coitus, and neutralizes danger in the food supply which multiplies Sperm count. My product Eva101-D is comparable with remdisivir and Dexamethasone in behavior, however, with a completely different, all Natural formula. It works as bleach to wipe out unwanted fluids in the body.

Eva101-D “the thermodynamic of my past” Is also making pituitary gland powerful on secretion And acting and governing over the parasympathetic nervous system (PNS) and sympathetic nervous (SNS) which they Innervate every organ of Physical body. In general terms, the parasympathetic nervous system (PNS) is like mechanical Brake in human body which it promotes functions and deals with restoration and Conservation of bodily energy and resting of vital organs, any activity or thought Pattern that engages the PNS stores deposits into your health bank. Conversely, SNS action makes withdrawals from the bank. SNS is the GAS in physical body. It revs up your metabolism to deal with challenge from outside the body. Stimulation of the gases quickly mobilizes your body’s Reserves so that you can protect and defend yourself.

Eva101- D “the thermodynamic of past”

Also, it is gaining the scope when it is comparing, or it can concordance on one item as “advanced in anti-aging” researched at University Brighton in U.K. in advanced researched: How Chemistry could hold the key to better health. Mr. Lizzy Ostler the head of chemistry at university said, Recent ground Breaking research showed that, prove that senescent cells cause aging, Finally provides with potential to develop a “cure “and he has given an Example, when we combined: Dasatinib (a Leukemia drug) and Quercetin (a natural products found in vegetable) show improved health and life span in mice.

Also, he mentioned, the list of common side effects be restricted to only the most seriously ill patients, But the trials of this combination Give hope for medical chemists to develop a more palatable in second Generation.

I, Karim Soudbakhsh would like to talk to my teacher as I am his beginner, If we think everything is possible and there are numbers and numbers who may can trust to his ability and complete the project.

Now and not latter.

Dear Mr. Lizzy Ostler, I would respectfully like to ask you to read my formula and If you have any further developmental ideas to increase the level of chemistry, let me know.

My formula is:

A natural killer against the criminals (selected from herbs) + Chlorophyll Compound (made from herbs and spices). All-natural chemicals with not just dealing with arthritis, dementia, or heart problems and given the opportunity to live much longer, Also, killing bacteria and viruses including all beneficial items which I have explained in my website.


“extraction of herbs” maintenance, successful in managing blood sugar.a

Recommendations For maximum circulation of blood and oxygen in highly humid room (bathroom), sprayed with little vinegar and some vodka and do chest and neck stretches. exercise under wet inhalation. Food is medicine and medicine are food. Furthermore, these products can also be planted, and they kill off mosquito and/ or harmful parasite including Bactria and purified the air.

CONCLUTION Based on my experimentation and my understanding of engineering including Digestion control  and protein fuel in the Engine of human body (stomach, heart And lung), mechanism I can confidently say that although I recognize the positive and the workings of Remdesivir, Dexamethasone and Hydroxychloroquine. I also Understood my researched which it has certainly evidence and My products could potentially hold the key to better lifestyle, better health and increase the human life span.

K&M NATURAL RESEARCHED PRODUCTS FACTORY offer you to manage the weight, maintain a healthy diet remaining on alkaline in lifeline expansion and Learn more about our products and use them as supplements “natural medicine.

Thank you for reading my preface. If my research and products could be of use to Save lives like I know it would truly be an honor.





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