Women need’s Department

Women need’s Department
As a fountain of youth for women", for a woman's reproductive organ, and made in Natural Chemical factory on a base of white vinegar (distilled vinegar with rose hydrosol with a Specific PH), herbs and flowers. The reproductive organ in biology is a complicated system in Physics and it is a precious gift in life and nature.

“Eva # 1"
Is a paired Herb Solution based on extensive research of this product as a tonic solution or known as Eve Solution, in nature's oldest chemistry comes the ultimate Herbal Solutions, which supports and maintains healthy and vibrant cells that create a healthy system. It cleans and flushes infection, soothes, and reduces inflammation of genital walls often caused by the fungus, yeast infection, bacteria, virus, or any other foreign germs that may find a way to enter the vulnerable areas of the vagina. All these potential issues could possibly lead to ultimate consequences (infertility). Increase the elasticity of the
arteriovenous system. Stimulating suppressed Menstrual cycle, reduce excessive bleeding, and Relieves menstrual bloating. It helps ease the discomforts of women’s menstruation cycle and make them more bearable. Reduces the body size of the uterus contraction) and shrinks the vagina (Vaginal rejuvenation). And works on, eliminating many feminine ailments in which they have a medical drug. Instruction (how to use it) By using a sponge brush is not just for all the above benefits, it also removes any spot and inhibiting the genital walls.

“Eva # 2 " Eva's Nursing women's breast"
Maintain and maintain ace the cell in the health system in Women's breast organ. It is the best antioxidant that can protect against the highly reactive substance that causes
Damage to healthy cells. Also, as cosmetic the women's breast expose and build up firmness and reduce it from sagging.

“Eva # 3”
It will be researched: How can we enrich, improve the efficiency Of conceiving’s women (by fluid mechanic).

It SHOULD NOT ever be used by pregnant women or women who are trying to conceive because of its effect on uterine contractions and blood flow. It should also be avoided by children and nursing women. It should not be used under the sun. K&M Natural researched Products Factory Again offer you to manage the weight, Maintain a healthy diet, remaining on alkaline in lifeline expansion, and learn more about our products and live longer.



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