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I like to remind you when the tissue, muscles, nerve fibers, and blood vessels to become rigid. They are also responsible for loosening the skin elasticity, muscle tone, and resulting in drooping and sagging skin and muscles.

Now we should know about the structure of the skin and how it works.

The matter and energy in our vicinity. The ability of love for our human-machine civilization. Skin is a single organ, largest organ covering 21 square ft and %16 - %18 of body weight. It at its best, smooth and suffused with a healthy glow from within. Our skin is our shield, It is our Alchemist, It is our subtle communication and key sensor.

The evolution of this sensor toward greater complexity, knowledge, beauty, elegance, and more. All these quality things turning into subtle attributes such as love and gift in nature from the design of GOD. Think of when you are happy and well, our skin glows; when we are ill, it reveals our poor health" feedback". We have only one skin; It is impossible to overemphasize the importance of keeping it in good shape. So What are the best ways to protect and keep the skin in good shape? To be well Nourished And Improve this extraordinary organ?

How to improve this extraordinary organ?
Let's start to explain about how to improve this organ, talk about how its structure and how it works then I like to share the knowledge of My natural chemicals " selected products" how they do reaction chemical from inside to outside and from outside to inside, they change this organ physically, originally, "The quality of skincare"( The reality of hope) to a healthy and beautiful condition, Including to introduce the level, the measuring of my products,

The skin has three layers:

THE OUTMOST LAYER is the epidermis, a thick layer of living epidermal cells topped by a sheet of dead cells " made of special fibrous proteins called Keratin. This keratin, together with fatty lipids from the shield that keeps in the body's natural moisture and keeps out excessive water, stain, resistant, chemical irritants, allergens, self-replenishing, breathable, make waterproof shield at the surface, and invading organisms. Within the epidermis are special cells called melanocytes, which make melanin " dark pigment substance, a natural chemical that called complex polymer in material engineering, derived from the amino acid tyrosine and gives human skin, hair, and eyes their color and its primary protection from the sun's damaging rays, The  increasing of melanin is depended on response to sun exposure, And also Freckles.

THE MIDDLE LAYER, the dermis, contains blood vessels, is a thick layer of fibrous and elastic tissue ( made mostly of collagen, elastin, and fibrillin) that gives the skin its flexibility and strength, sweat glands and sebaceous oil glands, hair follicles, and nerve endings, which register hot and cold and pressure changes " When the body temperature drops below normal, dermal blood vessels are likely to dilate."

THE DEEPEST LAYER: is the subcutaneous fat layer, made mostly of fat, which insulates and cushions your body. Again; K&M Natural Researched products factory, would like to share the knowledge of our natural chemicals from herbs in our productions And how to improve this extraordinary organ "skin".

I like to remind you “with the above definition", The control of the immune system caused the physiology of the skin change into the health system. (Eva101-D" The thermodynamic of my past " has contained the natural chemicals "Alkaline, K, Na compounds") that enhance and improve the proteins, the group of proteins those surrounded the immune cells that killing bacteria, reduce the size of viruses until no longer exist, and improve organs including skin from inside to outside, Improves the skin elasticity, keep veins soft and supple and create healthy muscles tones).

I guess, it is a time that I introduce you to the level, the  quality of my products and how they are working with These products also have a combination of the natural chemical that causes to make healthy skin, more powerful, energize, sensitive from declination,(performance from outside to inside and also Eva101-D performance the real work from inside to outside) and make it truly unbelievable skin's  products are called: SFT "Skin Surface finishing technology” and calling by numbers, With it's beneficial.

SFT-1: Detergent for face and stain.

SFT-2: Eva oil": Wrinkle Remover and restoring a youthful glow by massaging face and neck. (generate new cells).

SFT-3: Eva mask": protein, and tightening.

SFT-4: Eva tonic solution: Improving the tone of the skin and it is an astringent gradual wash for floppy skin, face, and neck. and do more. (great moisturizing for men and women)

SFT-5: Eva protein solution": Food (protein for skin), Also as an astringent, prevent wrinkles and brightens the skin.

SFT-6: Eva's Puffiness and Wrinkles "Remover (under eyes).

ABOUT PRODUCTS:                                        


Detergent for skin and stain: The Ingredients of this products are indicating the following beneficial:  

1): Acting as Pumice soap (emerging soap)

2): Acting as Exfoliate solution: Remove or sucks the dirt, oil, fat from skin's face, Peeling dead skin's cells off from the face by moping, when you are moping around 10 mins, you are performing to obtain brightening.

3): Acting as Rouge for finishing and polishing (cleaning and brightening), When you use SFT1 with our cleaning procedures". 

4): Protect the skin's face from any harmful substances and build up smooth, soft, skin’s tone and help to shrink.                                                                 

SFT1: is simply exfoliants your face and remove the dirt, oil, fat from your pores and then your pores will look smaller when they are kept free of oil and dirt ( Causes to closed the pores and reduce the size of cells).KS Natural products factory is offering you the " our cleaning procedures for obtaining best result. The techniques that have been developed by " K & M Natural products factory" for cleaning and brightening has following procedures;                                                                   


STAGE-1 : Drop some SFT1 on round velour puffs and then grinding down of face, neck and scratching.                                                 

The scratching pattern on face by direction changing in cleaning and brightening to give best result.

Following the Images.



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